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     Poker Knows will attempt to unravel the essence of poker and reveal the connections that form the player's evolution. It is not what you know that will propel your advancement, but rather how good you get at figuring things out. Knowledge is the result of intuition's discovery and your imagination is the key.

      Great art, music or a fabulous meal all have values that stretch beyond the sum of the parts.  How do you measure the essence of an experience? How do you know if your opponent has it or not? Fundamental strategies help you to survive the game. To win, you must perceive value more precisely than your opponents and outplay them.  Poker Knows draws a map that leads you right to the gold. Stand on the shoulders of giants like Albert Einstein and Max Planck and come play with Alice and her friends from Wonderland. 

     Everyone can experience winning.  What is stopping you from discovering the dreams you imagine? There might not be anything to lose.


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6" x 9" 216 pages

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     Gene Hull is a professional coach and inventor/entrepreneur, living in Las Vegas Nevada. Catch Gene on the felt at the popular strip casinos or tooling about the western states exploring her rivers and mountains. Are you having fun? If you are having fun you are probably doing something right.  Confidence and fun experiences share similar emotional states. You feel good. Gene is available for coaching in poker, business and mindfulness. Allow your intuitive courage to lead the way.  The obstacle is the path.

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